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Debate: Election politics and embassy security.

Today 10/16/12 Secretary of State announced that she is solely responsible for the safety of embassy personnel safety.

The security by international agreement has always been the responsibility of the host country. The small military force assigned is for the internal security requirements of the embassy.

I found it interesting that the announcement comes hours before the last debate.

It is no secret that the president and Clinton have been at odds over the capital of Isreal and the announcements that came from Egypt on the appology issued for the attacks and death of the Ambassador. She was appointed a Secretary of State after the election which was essentailly the end of her political hopes.

Now that she has taken one for the team the question is will Obama keep her in the job after the election IF he wins.

Is this her retirement announcement or just political manuvering?

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    Oct 17 2012: I agree with almost everything that you said ... however, it is almost always about politics and should not be.

    Your answer was very diplomatic and well argued.

    Thank you for your reply.

    All the best. Bob.
  • Oct 17 2012: This whole discussion has been so full of manure it is discouraging. This is delicately balanced international policy which leave little room for politics. There are national security issues and intelligence issues that do not allow for the US or sometimes the host country to fully show their hand.

    Clinton may be taking one for the team to deflect the argument. Libya is trying very hard to get their government off the ground they do not need us politicizing their internal struggles to deal with their internal terrorists. Not only EVEN when, but ESPECIALLY when these struggles hurt us. Th ambassador to Libya knew very well what the situation there was.

    Maturity of character comes in life when problems happen. Do you know how to respond rather than react? As a country we need to work on responding rather than reacting.
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    Gail .

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    Oct 17 2012: Secretary Clinton announced 2 years ago that she will not serve next term.
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    Oct 16 2012: Had she not already announced her upcoming retirement? Maybe she meant after Obama leaves office, but I don't think so.,0,2655333.story