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Are we losing the ability to marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds us?

Our world is so filled with the newest tech. toys, cells phones surgically attached to our hips, commercials & governments telling us what to eat,wear, act & think, hurrying here & there to meet dead lines or appointments, and pills of all sorts to slim us down, improve sex life, & extent life, that I wonder how many of us take the time to just sit back & enjoy the view?

To just find a spot, with a nice view of nature, plop down our butt, shut our mouths, open our eyes & ears, and just let out brains drift. What wonders we could find within us, just by letting our minds float on the breeze & mingle with the clouds. To become one again with the child within all of us, to just "Be".

They say that all the answers to all our questions are already within us, it's just a case of letting them come to the surface. So what better way to do that then to just let our minds drift away from every day "stuff"? To once again enjoy the beauty that surrounds us all.

Are we losing that ability with so many advancements in our hurried lives?


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  • Oct 16 2012: We might be losing desire to "smell the roses". We think we are too busy to take time to think deeply, enjoy nature, to "be" as you say. I agree with Fritzie, we don't lose the ability to enjoy; we just think we don't have the time to spare. This busyness could rob us of the greater benefits of living.
    • Oct 16 2012: I agree Mark! I may not have stated my question correctly but to lose ones self in the natural beauty that surrounds us is to open our minds to what could be & or should be.

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