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Can we use clothing to induce Amy Cuddy's power positions?

One thing Amy did not mention in the talk was the effect of clothing on our body language and, consequently, on us.

How does strictly smart dress-code affect the testosterone levels of City bankers or how relaxed casual dress-code affect the creativity of some introvert programmer in Google?

What are the long term effects of power positions forced upon individuals who are naturally more introvert and less willing to be in the spotlight?

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  • Oct 17 2012: From my personal experiences I woulld say wearing clothes are one small part of to increase your self awareness and power position. But the main point for wearing smart, expensive clothes would definitealy change others attitude towards the person. For example, if you gave a student ordinary clothe and let them go to interview for job or scholarship he/she might not feel tat she/he is different than others. But if you gave smart looking suit and leather shoes with Rolex watches absolutely te same student would feel much more powerful than the other ones. Even from his knowladge might not be enought, but the feeling would be greater than others would have.

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