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Failure should be respected for those trying to accomplish something

Failure tends to lead to some of the greatest discoveries and advancements. Failure now tends to be fail blogs, epic fail, etc. And yet some of the best advancements came from repeated failure. Thomas Edison tried for years before finally perfecting the lightbulb.

When did failure become this huge shameful thing that we want to hide? Even great people like Abraham Lincoln couldn't run a supply store, and yet he became the President of the United States. People don't like to fail because everyone wants to succeed on their first try, but that is seldom the case. Failing teaches us resiliency, and gives us strength.

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  • Oct 21 2012: Are their good and bad failure or is every failure a path way to success when u learn from your failures?
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      Oct 22 2012: I think what differentiates the two is how you approach failure, and what you take away or learn from it. Some will see certain failures in a good way, and some will see failures in a good way. I think ultimately though that you learn from each experience whether your realize it or not.

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