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Debate: We need to clearly define performance enhancing in sport.

Drug use in sport is obviously a problem but I think the latest revelations regarding Lance Armstrong set a dangerous precedent. Is it OK to convict some one of a crime based on eyewitness reports when there is no material evidence that a crime has been committed? Does this mean I can lose my license, even though I passed a roadside breath analysis, if some one tells the police they saw me drinking?

We can only rely on objective testing. What exactly is performance enhancing? In the past there have been times when the use of amphetamine was acceptable and there have been times when training was considered cheating. Where do you draw the line between food, dietry supplements and performance enhancement? After all, if I'm paying someone millions of dollars to play a sport for me I want them to do everything in their power to win.

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  • Oct 19 2012: I will be only to support anyone if they are there with their own strength. I do not see no problem to have a race or any kind of competition and win with my power, if not, if my opponent won over me because of pure practice I will respect him. However in International sport tournaments I do not think there is a pure competition. Once i was having a conversation with my friend, by the way he is physicist and chemist told a very funny story of tournaments. In the end he said, in the tournaments, IT IS NOT A COMPETITION OF SPORTSMEN, IT IS COMPETITION FOR DOCTORS. IT IS HOW THEIR DRUGS WILL NOT SHOW ON THE TESTS.

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