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Discuss the ways the media influences or tries to influence your vote.

Lets not discuss the people who are seekiing office ... Lets talk about the campaign. Many have said this was the United States dirtest election campaign ever. How.

One of the examples I see is that the newspaper in our area shows one person looking very Presidential and the photo of the other one is a wild eyed wide open mouth reminder of a serial killer. These are shown side by side.

Tell me what you see. Do you think that papers should try to influence your vote .... other than running paid for ads? How about the other medias?


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    Oct 26 2012: The presidential election should not be a victim of newspaper influence through their own reporting. What makes selections so difficult is the numerous media channels that report slightly different information in order to create more interest and higher ratings. Particularly with the presidential election, all media should be subject to the candidates approval. Though this restricts the freedom of reporters, it provides stability and security for voters to make educated decisions through facts instead of tales. The media feeds on the negative aspects of these campaigns of which should not be given any more attention than when it occurred. If the media focused on delivering facts to help voters make a decision, their reporting would be better served. Maybe they should spend their time recruiting voters through encouraging media channels which would create more involvement through education. Education that many reporters have a wealth of in the political arena.
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      Oct 26 2012: Well stated. The sad truth is that the media in a attempt to sell copies is now making the news and not reporting the facts.

      With all of the issues that we as a country face the electorial issue has been that Romney is richer than Obama.

      Most papers are liberal and all but one TV network is liberal.

      I you could wave a magic wand and solve this media circus .... tell us how.

      A broader question is how to restructure the elections.

      All the best. Bob.
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        Oct 26 2012: Five Parties Rob.

        Republican Blue

        Liberal Red

        Earth Green

        Grey Power

        And the fifth will be the kingmaker;

        First Nation Party.

        The first 2 represent all under the age of 60 while the 3rd takes anyone from anywhere and the fourth gives the elder generation a voice and the fifth will take all the apathetic voters votes in absentee, Of course it will be too alien for any American to contemplate having such a multiple party selection system but the rest of the world seems to run on it quite well, just a suggestion, i'm not familiar with your election system but we are bombarded with it at every news casting.

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