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Discuss the ways the media influences or tries to influence your vote.

Lets not discuss the people who are seekiing office ... Lets talk about the campaign. Many have said this was the United States dirtest election campaign ever. How.

One of the examples I see is that the newspaper in our area shows one person looking very Presidential and the photo of the other one is a wild eyed wide open mouth reminder of a serial killer. These are shown side by side.

Tell me what you see. Do you think that papers should try to influence your vote .... other than running paid for ads? How about the other medias?


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    Oct 22 2012: The problem that I see is that candidates are not saying how they are going to do what they claim they can do. They are only appealing to the concerns of people with blank promises. Added to this is the general feeling that the campaign is built on "vote for me because my opponent is a worse scoundrel than I am". I have to vote for the person that I think is going to hurt me the least, not the one that will benefit me the most, because I don't see that any of them will benefit me at all.

    People need to look behind the scenes and not just suck up to what they are being fed. There doesn't appear to be any vision in where the country is headed. People are claiming that the winner of debates is not in what they said, but in how forcefully they said it. It appears that people are not really listening to the words. They are only looking at who has the most energy. That is no way to decide.

    Are rich people not rich now? How does giving tax breaks to the rich allow them to create any more jobs than what they are capable of doing right now? And why does a person have to be in congress in order to create change for the better? I see pensions and candidate contributions as the main reason that people are running, not because they want to create a better America for the general populace. No one is saying what kind of jobs creation plans they are going to pursue. They are only promising more jobs, but in what?

    If the common family cannot afford to take vacations or take their family out to a restaurant, then the tourist industry and restaurant businesses are going to feel the pinch. The price of oil went up considerably in the last decade, a commodity that many are dependent on. Speculators added to the price increase. How does anything that the candidates propose going to change this? I haven't heard it on either side. Until this problem is fixed, creating jobs that are liable to fail will more likely be the order of the day.

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