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Discuss the ways the media influences or tries to influence your vote.

Lets not discuss the people who are seekiing office ... Lets talk about the campaign. Many have said this was the United States dirtest election campaign ever. How.

One of the examples I see is that the newspaper in our area shows one person looking very Presidential and the photo of the other one is a wild eyed wide open mouth reminder of a serial killer. These are shown side by side.

Tell me what you see. Do you think that papers should try to influence your vote .... other than running paid for ads? How about the other medias?


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  • Oct 22 2012: Yeah,i think papers influene me a lot in my daily life.on the one hand ,papers give access to more informations all over the world beyond our insights.on the other hand,we can hardly tell whether the information we get is ture or not,which means the reports of journalists are very important .sometimes ,we just need the truth not the truth in the reporters' mind.however,we know things that happens everyday through a variety of means of mass mediums such as blogs.papers is not the only way to get deeper into things,we can even change our views among people we know or not through internet tools.I think everyone has his own ideas about something
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      Oct 22 2012: I think you are correct in that we all want to believe some reports more that others because of our feelings. We also associate with like minded people and put faith in their comments.

      The point here is that few people any more take the time to do their own thinking and reasearch. We have become sheeple.

      Thank you for your response.

      All the best. Bob.

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