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Discuss the ways the media influences or tries to influence your vote.

Lets not discuss the people who are seekiing office ... Lets talk about the campaign. Many have said this was the United States dirtest election campaign ever. How.

One of the examples I see is that the newspaper in our area shows one person looking very Presidential and the photo of the other one is a wild eyed wide open mouth reminder of a serial killer. These are shown side by side.

Tell me what you see. Do you think that papers should try to influence your vote .... other than running paid for ads? How about the other medias?


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    Oct 16 2012: I shall add one word to your title and this will show my opinion on the media's efforts to influence public's vote:

    "Discuss the (Disgusting) ways the media inluences or tries to influence your vote."

    Today's media of the free world reminds me the ex-Soviet Union regime. Because they both try//tried to re-educate the public according to their own narrow views, without respecting each individuals right to have his/her independent political views.

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