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Why is there such heated debate over Creationism vs. Evolution?

Recently Fox News and Gallup posted some poll results:




I found them interesting and wondered why they cause so much discussion. Two theories both sides unwilling to budge. So I devised an experiment and on a Christian blog I posed that evolution was true and on Ted as you may know I posed a debate on evolution and sided against it.

In both cases the arguements were fierce and hence my final question on the subject in TED. I appoligize for those who got heated and there were a few. I thank those who tried to answer.

So for this question I am wondering about why this topic is so heated? Your answers will help my report for school.

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    Oct 20 2012: James,

    Are you familiar with the book Ishmael?

    Absolutely great book and it discusses something similar to what you may be searching for...

    Taking from the book as well as what I can a test to:

    As human beings we have a drive to want to know how the metaphysical works. How this drive was/is formed, well, that is slowly being illuminated today in cognitive studies. Yet, I do insist this drive exist.

    With the anticipation this drive exist, we can assume easily why anyone would want to know how the universe began, and shall end (as well as other meta-questions). Now the debate at hand questions "why does one need to answer how life began?"

    I argue aesthetics. It is pleasing to the psyche to imagine how we began to answer the rest of life's great questions. The Big Bang theory is incomplete, but said theory solidifies an image to those whom desire no higher power than humanity - life is random with deterministic natures. Creationism is pure theory, but the opposite occurs, those who hold faith in said theory desire a higher power to watch over humanity - life is determined with seemingly random natures.

    Personally, I do not care. I only care because others seem to care so much about the need to know how life (or the universe) began. What cannot be mistaken is the fact we have evolved. Even if the argue becomes macro v. micro evolution - no one can deny we have evolved (and if they do, they are extremist and dangerous). So whether or not we are created to evolve by a creator, or are purely a random happening - how we began does not dictate where we are going and what we must do to continue our survival on this planet.

    This aesthetic debate blinds us from what really matters - due to how pleasing it is.

    Being fundamental here is selfish to me; as I know we are not the only life on this planet and in the universe, and if we were created; our creator(s) seem to care nothing about what we do.

    Stress the future

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