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Why is there such heated debate over Creationism vs. Evolution?

Recently Fox News and Gallup posted some poll results:




I found them interesting and wondered why they cause so much discussion. Two theories both sides unwilling to budge. So I devised an experiment and on a Christian blog I posed that evolution was true and on Ted as you may know I posed a debate on evolution and sided against it.

In both cases the arguements were fierce and hence my final question on the subject in TED. I appoligize for those who got heated and there were a few. I thank those who tried to answer.

So for this question I am wondering about why this topic is so heated? Your answers will help my report for school.

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  • Oct 16 2012: James the debate is so hot because of mans wish to control and dominate a mysterious universe/existence. Confusion brings chaos, anxiety, fear, and discomfort. All sorts of belief systems have existed some far more credible than others, personally I subscribe to evolution, but I would not be unbelievably taken back if it turned out that part of the theory was dead wrong. My point is that when someone unhinges or attempts to unhinge the belief systems you prescribe to, fear kicks in and people react with contempt. Wether its the ancients creating gods to explain mystery, science to explain the beginnings of the universe, these are all just attempts to ease anxiety through mental domination of the external world. This anxiety is why science and religion exist in the first place. Of course there are also the political implications as well...

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