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Why is there such heated debate over Creationism vs. Evolution?

Recently Fox News and Gallup posted some poll results:




I found them interesting and wondered why they cause so much discussion. Two theories both sides unwilling to budge. So I devised an experiment and on a Christian blog I posed that evolution was true and on Ted as you may know I posed a debate on evolution and sided against it.

In both cases the arguements were fierce and hence my final question on the subject in TED. I appoligize for those who got heated and there were a few. I thank those who tried to answer.

So for this question I am wondering about why this topic is so heated? Your answers will help my report for school.

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  • Oct 15 2012: James,
    You received very good responses to your "why" question. Identity is a big deal and the possibility of being wrong or of details dear to a person becoming weak by advancing knowledge or philosophy, could be threatening. Imagine the feelings of uncertainty when something highly valued becomes a point of contention.

    Human beings adapt to change and on TED the question has been presented whether technology is moving too fast for people to absorb. Could we all assume that religion is the LAST to change? Man is slow to accept change for which many centuries were needed for acceptance.

    I would like to add this possibility re the differences between evolution and creation: Evolution is creation in slow motion. Life was not brought here to this planet, but there was a team of Life Carriers who did initiate life after the planet had attained suitable life supporting status. There was a plan that is larger than anything we have seen from science or any of the religions to date and that plan included a major whirl of masses that eventually spun off material to form our planet. Evolution is real, but it is a plan that involves details of eventual attainment.

    It is possible no one has lied in the past; it is likely we non-omniscient beings have not been able to explain all things and therefore we advanced what we thought we knew! Science and its resulting technology from studies and educated experiments, is still very young compared to the multi-millennia of human experience before science.

    It seems the "heat" comes when someone attempts to force someone to accept an unfamiliar posit. Early man and later man mostly were ignorant. Monarchies were needed to control the masses and we formed cultures and societies based on what we were told. Now, we have expanded education and resources! We are poised for big changes in then next centuries!!!!!!! Love is better than any argument that puts others down.
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      Oct 17 2012: Mark,
      Man changes and as a result what he believes is right or proper changes. As a result man's morales change and with them laws. God's laws of what is right never changes. You mention that religion is last to change. You miss the point all together. Religion is also man made and has changed. Christianity has not changed and is alive and well in the hearts of many who are ready to talk to you about it and how He has changed their lives.

      Not going to argue evolution here as that is not the question.

      God is love!

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