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undergrad Aeronautical Sceince, Korea Aerospace Univ.

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Could algorithmic approaches control all of the variables in reality?

I've always been interested in mathmatical approaches for solving business problems (Operation Researches, Management Science). Meanwhile, I saw a TED talk named 'How algorithms shape our world'. I partially agree with Kelvin Slavin. Algorithms are useful and effective. But, I want to ask something about it. Are they perfect?

Algorithms are also 'man-made' methods for solving problems or implementing methodology, even predicting the future (proficiency, feasibility of business investment, etc). There are tons of variables in reality and algorithmic apporaches couldn't calculate all the variables I guess. And there are also variables that couln't even be digitized. And algorithmic approaches have flaws in themselves. They could crash each other.

I'm not speciallized in computer engineering, so I'd appreciate any info you might have. Thank you! :)


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    Oct 15 2012: Beware the Unknown Variable!
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      Oct 15 2012: You probably agree that algoritms contain imperfect factors in it, don't you?
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        Oct 15 2012: A "perfect" world would need no algorithms, so, yes, I agree that, philosophically, all algorithms are inherently imperfect.
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          Oct 15 2012: Imperfect algorithms... well, supposing that imperfection is a humanism, algorithms are humane. :)
          Algorithms are useful, but finally people should focus on the humane factors...

          Thanks a lot.

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