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Could you grow a house?

Could you print a scaffold in the shape of a house, and then use the same techniques discussed in Anthony Atala's TED Talk http://www.ted.com/talks/anthony_atala_printing_a_human_kidney.html to coat the scaffold with tree cells? Possibly spraying it on as seen on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXO_ApjKPaI

Keeping the structure alive would of course require a root structure. Perhaps one that already exist, or one that is fabricated in a similar manner. Imagine durable, self sustained, self repairing, eco friendly structures.


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    Nov 5 2012: Hi Jerry!
    Durable, self sustained, self repairing, eco friendly structures are a GREAT idea. Along the same line....my brother-in-law built his home years ago into a rock ledge. The rock ledge was actually the entire back wall of the home, and the front was all glass...facing south of course:>) So, the sun heated the rock ledge, which radiated heat back into the home. There was also a natural spring coming out of the ledge, which he piped into the home for their water source. They were off the grid, using lanterns for light, and a woodstove for cooking and another source of heat. It is a very clever and lovely, all natural structure, which is about an 1/8th of a mile from the road on the side of the mountain, and you can only drive up a little way, so one has to be hardy to live there. They back-packed everything they needed. Bringing in the supplies was not exactly an easy event!!!

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