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How would you change current education system?

We are all talking about how current school system is not good for us, or our kids, and there were debates about how different stuff could be presented...
If you could, how would you change current education system? What are the essential skills, subjects, ideas that you think schools should teach us?

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    Mar 23 2011: I'm talking from Brazil, so all this might be already a reality in your country, or something that sounds coo-coo. But here's my opinion:

    I think that teaching shouldn't be exclusive to people with a master's degree . Not everyone has money/time to go through one, and we might miss some amazing people on the way.

    Instead, we should look at the person's whole experience:

    - Where has he been?
    - What has he done?
    - Can he pass along his knowledge in a clear manner? (pedagogy comes into place, and there should be basic cycle to teach teachers to teach. LOADS of bright people give lausy classes because they cannot teach.)

    Teachers shouldn't be only teachers aswell. Some of them have second jobs, but a lot don't. Why? It's a stressful and time-consuming job. If we arranged some form to have more teachers in specific areas, maybe those teachers would give 1 subject (that he/she is VERY good at) instead of 10 different subjects that he/she is very familiar with, but not an expert.

    And then the Science Teacher would turn into a Thermics Teacher, and he/she would also have plenty of time to keep experimenting temperatures in it's own time. Teachers who get consumed by their work tend to get stuck on what they first taught, even if years have past. They don't have time or passion to research new topics on their subjects.

    Then we would have updated classes, relaxed motivated teachers, and more complete agendas of study.

    I think we should also have creativity classes. Some schools have it, some don't. I think it should be global.
    - Raise questions and issues of various matters
    - Get in touch with the creative process at early age
    - Knowing you can, by yourself, make amazing things. They do not come only in stamped packages.
    - Learn to debate. Nowadays, arguing in a clear way is almost a surviving issue.

    So, basilly, I think we should narrow down. You wouldn't take your heart condition to a general doctor.
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    Mar 25 2011: I would say that we need to change the way we think about learning. There is too much tinme spent on making students useful, or employable. Why can't people just enjoy learning new things just for the sake of learning them?

    As a whole, people in the US tend to think about what schools can do for us. What are they going to give us? How are they going to make us better? Maybe we should look at schools as a place to grow with others, whether that be sports, life skills, math langiage, and so on. Schools should be looked at as a reasource we are glad to be a part of. The classroom should be a forum rather than a checkout counter.

    My thoughts anyway. . .
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    Mar 23 2011: If the government is corrupt so will the education system be. If the government is corrupt so will the art be.
    You need to understand that to make a real change that will really stick we need to change a lot of things not just the educational system. We need to change the system that we are taught about in schools.

    But exactly how I would change it. I'm not sure. But I am sure that we need to start thinking about how we do raise ourselves and our young generations. We need to learn how to see the corruption to be able to change it.
    And corruption is everywhere.

    At Least that's what i think!
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    Apr 6 2011: The bureaucratic nature of governing education systems is what needs to change.

    Current approaches to assessment and measurement are generic and archaic. The purpose for these measuring tools is also often confused or mis-directed.

    Until we completely eradicate a one-size fits all approach to assessment, teachers will continue to serve the Gods of bureaucracy and not the individual learners..