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Let's provide financially struggling school districts with Alternative Energy Sources.

It would be great if state funds, government funds, and donations can help rescue financially struggling school districts to use alternative energy and conservation methods to save on bills. It would be a bit hit up front, but what about the kids 10 years from now that could potentially still be restricted by the financing of today?

It would be worth our future to develop some kind of disaster relief strategy that would relieve schools from this travesty. It could also help schools teach skills while creating a beter food product for students.

What if schools used solar power, had an onsite greenhouse/garden, own compost area, and had rain barrels for gardening? Possibilities are endless.

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    Feb 17 2011: Already many schools are getting free Solar panels so that they gain first hand experience with this energy and conservation pictogram. This will be a way for future solar home roof systems. In many places the unused energy from solar panels can be fed back to the grid and the large schools with very large roofs can earn money to pay for the solar panels. Enmax the distribution company in my town instals a 1.3kW Solar panel system with a small upfront cost of only $1500 and a small administrative monthly cost. Energy generated can be used or pumped back into the grid and with Net-metering approved in Ontario you get almost $0.40/kWh where as you buy at around $0.08/kWh. The schools students teachers and the public will learn more about this with this type of programs.
    This should be promoted every where
    Many schools in places where there is no electricity are getting befitted by such program and now have access to use low priced laptops on the poor rural areas. Small LED lamp torches can be charged from these schools as well. Solar Sister are doing such great work in Africa