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In the aftermath of war, genocide, or exploitation - Forgiveness helps more than justice.

Saw a fantastic TEDx talk today about the reactions of people after the ends of wars and genocides.. Examples from north Uganda, Sri Lanka and countless other conflicts worldwide.

What do you feel is the best way to address peoples' suffering?

Retribution from the judicial system? Or simply to forgive your enemies and move on?

Interested for opinions on this one..


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    Oct 14 2012: forgiving is entirely personal decision and it takes a lot of guts to do so.. but i think war criminals must be tried, apprehended, and punished to the extent of their crime.. what message it would send if they are not punished? you listen to war crime stories and its so horrible, you can't stand it (Bosnian war crimes).. Justice is something that might decrease the pain a little.. If no justice, then people might become revenge seekers themselves, taking matters into their hands..Even more disturbing is that these people might end up in company of wrong counselors..coz your mind doesn't work the same..

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