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In the aftermath of war, genocide, or exploitation - Forgiveness helps more than justice.

Saw a fantastic TEDx talk today about the reactions of people after the ends of wars and genocides.. Examples from north Uganda, Sri Lanka and countless other conflicts worldwide.

What do you feel is the best way to address peoples' suffering?

Retribution from the judicial system? Or simply to forgive your enemies and move on?

Interested for opinions on this one..


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    Oct 14 2012: When we talk about crimes especially like genocide then I think criminal or master mind must be punished but other nations must not start genocide of other one like now a days how powerful nations are doing.

    So far forgiveness is concerned, here in our society we say that forgiving only suits who have power to take revenge. One thing more forgiving is good thing but only when it abolishes the crime not when it remains.

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