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Was Abraham Lincoln a hero or a traitor?

Most countries ended slavery without war and 600,000 dead citizens.




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  • Oct 17 2012: I belive he was a hero not a traitor. It is like why could not we avoid the Civil War, and I think right we could not.
    In the early days one of the driving factors were the owners of big farms and plantants where they keeped slaves. Well even if Araham Lincoln did not started the war some other leader would had have done so. In, Washington they were making laws to cancel slavery, but the rich in the South would not obey for that.
    think that was the main issue to start the the Civil War.
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      Oct 17 2012: I disagree. War is the last resort unless you are a madman desperately trying to solve a problem. Sane men solve problems differently than sociopaths. Sociopaths solve problems without empathy or talk.
      • Oct 17 2012: I respect your ideas and beliefs. From history books you probably agree that Abraham Lincoln did not just started a war for nothing. First of all, as a great politician, he could not come to deal with rich of the South. the second thing is that great Civil War actually was a push to development and come under one greatcountry USA.

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