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Was Abraham Lincoln a hero or a traitor?

Most countries ended slavery without war and 600,000 dead citizens.




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    Oct 15 2012: I think you can divide your question into 2 views: one US-centric and one "world-centric".
    In school books around the world, he remains the man who stood up against slavery but everyone knows the causes are diverse and history is always written by the winners.

    But why "traitor"? That must be a US-centric question. As a non-US citizen, I'm curious.
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      Oct 15 2012: If you watch the videos.

      The emancipation proclamation did not free the slaves. Lincoln did not care if we freed the slaves.

      He jailed 3000 northern journalists because they spoke badly about the war.

      He argued against the right to secede while hypocritically convincing West Va to secede from Va so he could have 2 more senators.

      He made money off of deals concerning the railroad.

      His troops fighting a defensive war raped, robbed banks, burned towns.

      He sent troop to Maryland when they were voting on legislature he didn't like.

      And mostly a unnecessary war that killed 600,000 soldiers

      Mainly Lincoln was worried about the federal government loosing income at the ports if the south seceded as 75% of it's income came from the southern ports.
      Etc., etc, etc,

      Contrary to nice story they tell children this guy was a tyrant who violated the constitution wholesale as indicated by Ted Lover who has done extensive study on the disingenuous nature of the history books. His legacy may be the undoing of the U.S. by taking away the power from the states and centralizing it at the federal government.

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