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Should alcohol be banned or be more regulated?

So many deaths, car crashes, marriages have been broken up due to the consumption of alcohol.

What good does alochol do for our society. Alcohol is far more dangerous than marijuana. When was the last time you ever heard of a person getting into a car accident due to marijuana or starting a fight due to marijuana.

Was the lifting of prohibition a mistake?


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  • Oct 18 2012: I was part of a discussion a few weeks ago regarding this very issue, the dangers of alchol, and the rate of abuse in the US.

    My question is can we learn from your European counterparts, much of European nation has low drinking age and at that they are relaxed not severly enforced like in the US. Does that right of passage turning 21 and all of a sudden they are now allowed to legally consume beverages. Think about how when you first got your lisence did you drive everywhere you can could not wait to get behind that wheel and go for a ride ?, now think what if driving as addictive and all that driving that first years, has now make to "need" that every day just to function and get through life ???

    I know not exactly best example but just a concept.

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