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Should alcohol be banned or be more regulated?

So many deaths, car crashes, marriages have been broken up due to the consumption of alcohol.

What good does alochol do for our society. Alcohol is far more dangerous than marijuana. When was the last time you ever heard of a person getting into a car accident due to marijuana or starting a fight due to marijuana.

Was the lifting of prohibition a mistake?


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  • Oct 17 2012: @Edward Long have you ever had surgery? If you have chances are that you have been prescribed painkillers or been put on morphine while in the hospital. Heroin turns into morphine when it hits the brain. Can you bolster any evidence that putting that substance in your body is worse for you than alcohol? If you can please enlighten me.

    Obviously heroin is far more dangerous when abused, its the most addictive drug on the planet not to mention the health issues that come as a result of being an intravenous drug user. You said alcohol is only dangerous when abused, so is heroin....

    My answer to your question about more restrictions on alcohol is no. That would do nothing, but cause a spike in crime. What needs to be done is a campaign to show young people the effects of alcoholism, as well as pointing out that the fairytales the media spins about the good times and drunken debauchery that occurs on MTV is lala land that has almost no connection to the potential realties of bing drinking.

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