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Should alcohol be banned or be more regulated?

So many deaths, car crashes, marriages have been broken up due to the consumption of alcohol.

What good does alochol do for our society. Alcohol is far more dangerous than marijuana. When was the last time you ever heard of a person getting into a car accident due to marijuana or starting a fight due to marijuana.

Was the lifting of prohibition a mistake?


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    Oct 14 2012: Please substantiate with facts and statistics your assertion that alcohol is far more dangerous than marijuana.
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      Oct 14 2012: Do you have any idea how many people die from drunk driving every year in the U.S. alone?
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        Oct 15 2012: Yes, those stats are readily available. I asked you for stats to support your assertion that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. Do you have that information or am I expected to take your word for it? Also, is the number of traffic fatalities going to be the litmus test for your assertion? Are there not other factors to be considered?
        • Oct 15 2012: edward, alcohol is chemically addictive, commonly induces rage, causes severe brain deterioration in long time users, causes seizures hallucination and potential death upon withdrawal, and obviously kills people in traffic accidents quite often.

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          Oct 15 2012: Everything you say is true, Brian...for ABUSERS of alcohol.

          There are also studies that indicate that limited use of alcohol is actually healthy in the prevention of heart disease and other areas of human health.

          So, it boils down to which studies you want to refer to, and whether the use of the alcohol is abused or not.

          The same would apply to marijuana. Some medical experts support its use for certain medical conditions. But obviously, if someone smoked a joint and got behind the wheel of a car, it could be safely argued they might be "dangerous", too.
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        Oct 15 2012: Kevin, what Edward is trying to get you to do is "broaden your horizens" and not use "tunnel vision" arguements.

        The fallacy of many non-critical thinking stances is that they use only ONE example to try to justify the claim being made. That is like a statistician using only the "data numbers" they want to use, and ignoring all the rest of them.

        Alcohol use, or more correctly ABUSE, is a problem for society. But it can be a problem in many more areas than just driving and traffic deaths. And the arguement can ALSO be made that when alcohol is NOT abused, it is not a problem to society.

        Edward has a valid point. If you are going to claim marijuana use is not as "traffic deadly" when driving cars, show us the facts. No one should be expected just to take your word about it.
        • Oct 15 2012: Rick this is in reply to the comment you left me. Theres really not much evidence either way that marijuana impairs driving. Heres the difference, go and abuse alcohol and you can die, there are no reported overdoses that can be traced directly to the chemical agents in marijuana. Like I said if you have ever seen someone hallucinating and shaking from an alcohol withdrawal you just wouldn't even argue that marijuana is equatable in danger or harm. Also yes this comes from abuse of alcohol, so is heroin worse than marijuana? According to what your saying it isn't.
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        Oct 15 2012: @Brian

        (Quote): "Also yes this comes from abuse of alcohol, so is heroin worse than marijuana? According to what your saying it isn't."

        Brian, that is a totally illogical conclusion and illustrates several logic fallacies, one of which is False Analogy. I never implied heroin and marijuana were similar.

        The most important fallacy in your arguement is your second sentence in your reply..."Theres really not much evidence either way that marijuana impairs driving." There is either evidence or there isn't evidence...how "much" is irrelevant. If there is ANY evidence produced by reasonable study that marijuana use impairs motor skill function or cognitive thinking ability/perception at the time, then it can be said it would also impair the ability of the person to operate the motor vehicle "safely". The number of tradfic deaths caused by either substance...alcohol or marijuana...is not the mitigating factor.

        Society has accepted a certain LEGAL level of alcohol consumption as not being abusive, such as the blood alcohol content levels when driving a car. Over the legal limit, you are abusing it at the time under the circumstances of driving a car. That is a totally different kind of abuse than the abuse that leads to the extreme medical conditions you describe.


        • Oct 15 2012: Rick, you stated alcohol is only dangerous when abused, the same is true for heroin, does that make heroin and alcohol equal in their danger? Im just simply following your logic. No logical fallacy here...

          Yes society has accepted that a certain level of alcohol is not abusive... Whats the point you are trying to make? The evidence in regards to marijuana causing impairment to drivers is very thin and really cant be determined to be true or false(there is legitimate evidence both ways). My point was very simple Rick, abuse marijuana and you do not die or hallucinate upon withdrawal, you may have some very slight irritation upon withdrawal of marijuana, nothing anywhere in the same stratosphere as alcohol. To encapsulate my argument is that marijuana is at least equally or less dangerous than alcohol.
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      Oct 15 2012: Well, in that case, the next time I want to consume a drug, I'll have a scotch on the rocks. You can take a shot of heroin.

      Why did you introduce the subject of heroin into the topic in the first place? The topic author introduced the comparison of alcohol and marijuana in the topic question. Where in the heck did you reason that heroin is in the same category? Most medical experts would never consider comparing heroin and alcohol as "equals".

      Despite your claims, I didn't either.
      • Oct 15 2012: no thanks rick just showing you how poor of an argument it is to say that alcohol is not dangerous its just dangerous when you abuse it..well so is heroin or other drugs does that mean they equate to alcohol or marijuana it has no bearing on the truth of alcohol and its dangerousness.
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          Oct 16 2012: Mr. Klink, are you arguing that heroin is only dangerous if abused?
          By the way, the topic is asking if alcohol should be banned or more heavily controlled. You are getting pretty far from that topic when you focus on whether alcohol is dangerous or not. There are more than suffucient age prohibition laws and legal usage limit controls in place. The question being asked here is do we need even more?
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      Oct 16 2012: Poor argument? OK.

      I see you are a psychology major. Assuming you become a practitioner of the discipline, are you telling me....

      1. A patient comes to you for treatment.

      2. During your analysis of the patient, you discover the patient uses alcohol in an acceptable manner within the laws established for it's use. Under those laws or other competant medical authority's standards, the patient would not be considered an alcoholic or an abuser of alcohol.

      3. Would you insist to the patient that he/she WAS an alcoholic or an alcohol abuser?

      4. Would you insist to the patient that the patient was using a drug...alcohol (in a responsible manner)...that was just as damaging as the "recreational use" of heroin?

      I hope not.

      It just appears to me that you have very strong personal views about the consumption of ANY level of alcohol. That's OK. But they aren't supported by the medical disciplines who define what alcohol deppendancy, abuse, or alcoholism is. And the laws governing the use of alcohol don't support your views either. Alcohol use is considered "OK" by the medical community up to a certain point, where it then becomes a problem for the user. And laws reflect that same philosophy, in the sense you aren't illegal drinking and driving until you reach a certain threshhold of blood alcohol content.
      • Oct 17 2012: Aw man, Rick notice that I never ever stated that alcohol should be more regulated or even less consumed. You made the argument to me that alcohol is only dangerous when it is abused, I replied well so is Heroin. The point I was making is that wether it is or it isn't more dangerous when the substance isn't abused has no bearing on its level of danger. I used the analogy to heroin because heroin is obviously very dangerous, more so than marijuana and alcohol because of its addictive properties. I was just driving the point home that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana and this is so because of likelihood of abuse as well as the end result of abuse.

        Just to make it clear I think America should end the war on drugs with exception of a few.

        By the way its funny you ask as I am in training to be an alcohol and drug counselor. So no theres no way I would ever tell anybody who uses alcohol moderately to stop drinking. Also no I would never suggest that recreational heroin use(if there is such a thing, from what I understand this isn't possible)poses the same level of danger as an occasional drink.

        I have no strong personal view that any consumption of alcohol is bad thats ridiculous. What I do believe is that marijuana is not as dangerous as alcohol.

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