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I'm a little nervous about giving my atheism speech at school.

My writing teacher has given my class the assignment of writing a persuasive essay. Most people chose quite petty subjects to write on, but I decided to write about something that neither I or anyone else has ever written about. I'm going to give a speech on the the truth of science and atheism.

I believe I have very convincing coherence and evidence in my essay, but I'm extremely nervous on how people are going to handle it. I've already told a few people on what I'm writing on and both of them seemed a little offended and enraged. I'm only an eighth grader and so are my class mates. They might not fully comprehend my essay and just be extremely mad at me. Any suggestions on how to cope with this nervousness?
PS:My teacher already approved of my subject.

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  • Oct 19 2012: I agree with most of the comments I've read below. You will get some people who dislike what you're going to say, I'm agnostic personally and some people get irate about even that. Just make sure that they recognise that you aren't telling them they are wrong or right in their beliefs and that simply that you are expressing your own opinion on the existence of any God(s), as you should be allowed to do. I'm sure that at the worst the theists in your class will just try and change your mind.
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      Oct 26 2012: My mom is very bothered when I say I am an atheist. I think in her mind it sounds a lot like "satanist". She has asked me to please use the word agnostic if it comes up in conversation. Because it is important to her, I do use that word but only in her presence. It took me 32 years to be able to use the word atheist and although sometimes it is hard I do feel it is an important part of my identity and it clearly states what I do not subscribe to. That said, I still can't look my in-laws in the face and use the word atheist. Perhaps it was all those years of brainwashing in the Catholic church! As I only see my in-laws every 2 years this is something that doesn't really affect my life. I try to have my voice heard when necessary but more importantly, I try to stay out of those conversations! My comment here is in response to some people feeling irate (?) with your using the word "agnostic". That may be an interesting Ted question...
      • Oct 26 2012: Some people, both theists and atheists, see it as me using the word to stay out of any debates on the existence of a God rather than that I see good and bad points with both sides of the argument. Also contrary to the fact that me being agnostic means I don't completely disagree with either side some people will still react as if I do and try and convince me of their belief. That's what I mean by some people getting irate.

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