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I'm a little nervous about giving my atheism speech at school.

My writing teacher has given my class the assignment of writing a persuasive essay. Most people chose quite petty subjects to write on, but I decided to write about something that neither I or anyone else has ever written about. I'm going to give a speech on the the truth of science and atheism.

I believe I have very convincing coherence and evidence in my essay, but I'm extremely nervous on how people are going to handle it. I've already told a few people on what I'm writing on and both of them seemed a little offended and enraged. I'm only an eighth grader and so are my class mates. They might not fully comprehend my essay and just be extremely mad at me. Any suggestions on how to cope with this nervousness?
PS:My teacher already approved of my subject.

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    Oct 26 2012: What a courageous boy you are and you may be surprised how many of your classmates will respect your intelligence. Just as you won't go up there and judge their beliefs, they will have no right to judge your facts. As 8th graders, many of them have spent these first 13 years being indoctrinated into a belief system that they perhaps have never questioned. As they reach this wonderful age where they can start asking questions and making their own decisions, perhaps your words will have more influence and power than you realize. Again, just be respectful and speak with confidence. I know in America you are taking more of a risk with this than if you were in (more secular) Canada. That is also why I think you are something special. I would love to be able to see how this unfolds.
    You can always assure your classmates that although you don't have a "God" to tell you how to be a good person, you ARE a good person. (I tell my in-laws that they don't need to worry for my soul. If there is a god and heaven then surely s/he will see that I have led an honest life with high morals and integrity and let me into "heaven").
    You will do great! You have nothing to fear. Good luck to you (and please tell your teacher I think s/he is an excellent educator accepting this type of important discussion in the classroom).

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