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I'm a little nervous about giving my atheism speech at school.

My writing teacher has given my class the assignment of writing a persuasive essay. Most people chose quite petty subjects to write on, but I decided to write about something that neither I or anyone else has ever written about. I'm going to give a speech on the the truth of science and atheism.

I believe I have very convincing coherence and evidence in my essay, but I'm extremely nervous on how people are going to handle it. I've already told a few people on what I'm writing on and both of them seemed a little offended and enraged. I'm only an eighth grader and so are my class mates. They might not fully comprehend my essay and just be extremely mad at me. Any suggestions on how to cope with this nervousness?
PS:My teacher already approved of my subject.

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  • Oct 21 2012: Hi Kevin
    I am an atheist high school student and I have been an atheist for a long time now. I feel REALLY identified with what you are saying! I understand how hard it is to tell that to some small minded young teenagers who just repeat whatever their parents say. Believe me I have been in that position before. My advise: just do it. There will be lots of people who will disagree but you just will not care. You should be proud that you have done some good logic and overcame your environment's paradigms and have gone further than the vast majority of your classmates.

    Just don't be rude and respect what others have to say so they will respect what you have to say too.

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