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I'm a little nervous about giving my atheism speech at school.

My writing teacher has given my class the assignment of writing a persuasive essay. Most people chose quite petty subjects to write on, but I decided to write about something that neither I or anyone else has ever written about. I'm going to give a speech on the the truth of science and atheism.

I believe I have very convincing coherence and evidence in my essay, but I'm extremely nervous on how people are going to handle it. I've already told a few people on what I'm writing on and both of them seemed a little offended and enraged. I'm only an eighth grader and so are my class mates. They might not fully comprehend my essay and just be extremely mad at me. Any suggestions on how to cope with this nervousness?
PS:My teacher already approved of my subject.

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    Oct 15 2012: when this event will take place?
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      Oct 16 2012: I'm just giving a school speech. Nothing big.The assignment is due at the end of the week and we will be giving our speeches early next week. I sure hope I change a few minds.
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        Oct 16 2012: no you hope you will not be thrown tomatoes at :)
        let us know how it went. advice for any possible aftermath: your position should be that you respect their choice to be religious, though you disagree with it. so you expect them to do likewise, and respect your choice of being not religious, though they disagree with it.
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          Oct 19 2012: Yeah, I'm going to have to add a lot of comments in the essay that I didn't even write just to not have tomatoes thrown at me. It'll help with morale.
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          Oct 19 2012: Kevin,
          Hopefully, this discussion has given you some idea of what people may think about your topic, how they may question you, or express their own concerns? Remember, knowledge is power. The more information you have, the better prepared you can be to deal with whatever arises. I'm looking forward to hearing about the outcome as well....keep us informed? You will do GREAT!
      • Oct 17 2012: "... I sure hope to change a few minds."

        I think it will be a difficult task to talk about atheism and hold the attention of the class. Generally persuasion isn't so much an issue of enlightenment as it is a personal talk that registers with the audience. You can explain how YOU came feel or think as you do about a view considered by many objectionable. You can explain how and or why this position is right for you. You might want to acknowledge atheism is a controversial subject since few are atheist. I would bet that would make the talk of less commotion and perhaps the class more attentive to your comments. I like what Mr. Pinter noted above.

        The best reaction you may have a right to expect is, " Wow, I don't agree with him, but that was interesting."

        Good luck. Regardless of what happens, don't be discouraged. Many things in life that are challenging can be a learning experience.

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