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What has been your greatest take away from TED so far?

I think that by sharing our takeaways, we focus on what is useful and empowerment. That is a good thing right?

So I'll start, my greatest take away is the idea that knowledge presented in useful human contexts through the open-source paradigm is the way to go for humanity.

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    Nov 10 2012: Keep learning as long as you live. No matter how much you know there is always more to know. And knowledge that does not advance the cause of humanity is not worth pursuing.
    These I've learned from TED.
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    Oct 17 2012: My favorite TALK recently is making your body language powerful till you r really powerful.
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    Oct 17 2012: I love TED, I really need to come here more often!

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    Oct 16 2012: TED is a conglomeration of great ideas! I find the TED talks, comments and conversations very informative and thought provoking.
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    Oct 15 2012: In the most unlikely of circumstances I seem to find at least some common ground with everyone. It's amazing who you think is a complete maniac in one conversation you agree with entirly in another.
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    Oct 14 2012: First I'd like to describe TED as a vicarious connection that allows me to think and express myself and in the process be affected by what others have to say and think. What's interesting is it is real life. It is a more confined plane of operation independent from my standard circumstances, which means I must fit in to my schedule, or perhaps even escape into this new realm.

    What I have taken away is that TED offers a unique adventure since each TEDster enters the ring expressing views and personalities sparring with the impact of mere words, yet perhaps best reflecting what being an effective warrior is all about. I have come to associate many of my fellow TEDsters with enriching this experience for me.
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    Oct 14 2012: I don't know if this counts as one take-away, but the Talks give me a window into, or overview of, what cutting edge thinkers and doers are working on. It's of great value to be able to find this all in one place (and to have links to follow if I want a more in-depth perspective).

    The second thing I learn each day is how people interact with each other to make sense of things in areas where they tend not to have special expertise. TED Conversations is a case study in human sense-making interaction.
  • Oct 14 2012: That people share a common goal to build a better future and will fight to save humanity the ones that really give a damn
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    Oct 14 2012: My takeaway is the fact that there is a community online that is willing to share ideas and knowledge without interception. I like the fact that I can easily learn a new fact by simply listening to the latest TED conference or by reading the latest TED conversation.
  • Oct 13 2012: Being exposed to amazing ideas with awesome TEDsters.
    It's been some kind of enlightenment, I think.
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    Oct 13 2012: Some of the talks are fantastic.
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    Oct 13 2012: i learn a lot on ted ,and i improve my english .and i chat with my friend talk about the climate and many thing we care about .that is what i value .and hope that i can continue to do that .that is what i except .very simple .