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How to run a winning campaign... in any democracy.

As the elections come to a close in my nation... The politicians of the future, are building their campaign for 2014, and 2016. Most of them, already hold office, and simply want a larger one, so they will spend most of their time, meeting with people who can help them accomplish that goal, and crafting a series of platforms, positions, and arguments for and against legislation already on the docket, in a way that will appeal to the largest number of voters in their district.

Some will also write legislation, and attempt to make changes, through governance... but for the most part, this is the accepted way of gaining popularity, and moving into a higher position of power... I propose a different way.

You wish to be elected to the United States Congress, in your district, and you promise to do x, y, and z… Well… Who’s stopping you? You want a better local education system… What’s your model? Build a school. When it works better, then maybe I’ll trust you to fix education. You want to be head of the water board… Well, what are they doing wrong? Do you have a well? How do you filter your water? How many people in the community does it serve?

The campaign of the future... Should be perpetual. If you want to hold office in 2014, your quest should begin now. Create a volunteer network, designed around creating a stronger connection between citizens in your district, fixing problems, not when you get elected... NOW. Your network will not cold call, or buy advertising, it will inspire citizens to take action fixing broken aspects of their community.

How? You create a charity organization, or super pac, I know I hate them too. A charity infused with your political platform, which you use to fund raise, and solve problems in the area you wish to govern. The only advertising you do, is on the ground helping people, fixing problems, and creating social work jobs, in the district you wish to govern. Then try to stop people from voting for you.

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  • Oct 21 2012: As a very young politician (student's council president) I will give my opinion. I just try to do what is best for my school and to "follow" what I proposed I would do when I got elected. What happens? Most People just don't understand most things I do, others don't agree with what I do, most of them don't understand that long run policies will only be visible in the long run and the vast majority just don't care.I think that it is about perception as well. It is about communication and the way news are presented to you. My personal experience at school is at a much lower scale what happens in governments. So, I think that it would be great if we all got to be presidents for a day and try to see how hard it is to govern.

    Most people just criticize that things are not done. But why? Maybe congress is not passing the laws, maybe there is not enough budget, maybe there were some other things that turned out to be priorities in the middle of the way. I think that something that needs to be taken into account are the WHYS.

    My utopian view about government is one where humans are not in power. If you don't like something or you want to put something forward, you'll go to your local "government machine" and submit your complaint, idea whatever. The machine processes the information, and if there is a vast majority of people asking for more streetlights it is done. The machine automatically balances the budget and evaluates what is feasible and what is not.

    This way we would get rid of emotional, self interested, money driven, liar, unfair, and even stupid humans that are just that, too human to govern.
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      Oct 22 2012: My main point, is simply, that if you can get enough people to rally around your good ideas, and vote for you to implement them in government.... Shouldn't you then, be just as capable of encouraging those volunteers to actually implement some of your programs and solutions. There are 1,000s of people sitting in a phone bank somewhere, calling people at random, trying to convince them to vote... Probably hundreds of thousands... Why aren't they volunteering at schools, or volunteering to help the EPA, or farming food for the hungry?

      I think we can do better. The same would be true at a small level in student council. You have a great idea to help the school. Get a few people who agree with you to actually implement that change... Without any help, or vote, etc, just gather the resources to accomplish your goal. If someone running for president next year was doing that... I'd lay good odds on them to win that election.

      I'm not a fan of the idea of a machine governing my life... A machine would certainly outlaw vice, and... good luck with that.

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