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Is "zero-latency learning" possible using Sugata Mitra's Self Organising Learning Environment?

This may sound very absurd but for the past few years I have been wondering about how quickly can knowledge.skill transfer take place. My line of thing was if we can have Vertical Take Off and Landing Systems (VTOL), Zero Defect Programs (ZDP) like Six Sigma, Accelerated Dissolution Tests etc why not something close to zero latency in learning?

Sugata Mitra's TED Talk makes me think taht he has stumbled upon something really awesome. The questions are the usual ones: Is his experiment repeatable and reliable?

The success of his experiment and its universal application can really bring revolutionary changes that completely overturn our notions about learning, pedagogy, infrastructure required and of course the huge budget spends.

It will be great if we can share all we know about the possibilities and pitfalls and can come up with leads that can take us to a brave new world of education for all in say next 10 years.

  • Oct 26 2012: How about asking kids how we can bring better character qualities to life in them/people?
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    Oct 13 2012: First you have to get the teachers on-board with making themselves largely obsolete. I don't know how you are going to do that for as long as teachers are paid from taxes that fund compulsory educations, and teachers' unions hold an entire city hostage while they deny the legitimacy of the research that is now coming out.