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How can creativity and chronic depression coexist?

Ever since I spent my 18th birthday in a psychiatric ward, I've struggled with chronic depression. I'm 35 now and don't feel defined at all by such an unwelcome mental companion since I have many coping strategies including medication. In this phase of life I am learning, creating and innovating at a much faster rate than in many previous years and would like to know how others handle having a mind that can rapidly sponge knowledge and churn out fun ideas one part of the day, and need to close down another part of the day.

I find that if I spend a few hours "producing" with my brain I often need a subsequent reboot of sorts - a retreat into quiet, a nap, a shutting down - before I can begin again.

Sometimes I have to stop and let sadness have a turn. Working late at night is helpful. Why? I'm not sure.

This is quite relevant to me and I would appreciate any thoughts, tips, or musings on the subject. Are you coping well with depression and still enjoying creativity? Do you have a helpful pattern of work to share?

Thanks everyone, this is a great forum.


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  • Mar 24 2011: It requires wisdom, strength, devotion, discipline and time to try and compartmentalize all these feelings and questions that bombard your happiness with obscure bullets. I’m trying, and I’m still in the process of it. It’s a beautifully ugly condition, a curse, a gift, who knows but then again, the same thing could be said about love and who wouldn’t want to live without that…

    All my wishes of courage to those with the same condition…
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      Mar 27 2011: Thank you Frederic it sure is helpfull to listen to some one else in the same boat who has a "positive" take on things. And you are rigth this is who we are. It's our curse, it's our gift. Take care brother. and thanks again.
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      Mar 27 2011: I think I am just going to thumbs up everything you say. Thanks.

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