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Debate: The Millennial generation has no hope.

For: Stagnating economies, rising youth unemployment and an attitude of entitlement (vs. head down and get on with it) means twenty somethings' futures look bleak.

Against: The digital revolution means anyone with a good idea can make it happen. Financial success isn't everything and actually this audience can follow their interests instead of having to follow a corporate career ladder. Finally in emerging markets such as India, there is a lot more possibility.



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  • Oct 16 2012: Globally this generation is "wage slaves" and seriously depressed as media propagates their personal feelings of helplessness and worthlessness.


    The truth is that the world is a dynamic place where "profit" and "potential" profit trumps all other interests and knowing this "is power". Knowing that the ability to "passively" stop or prevent commerce is extremely powerful tool capable of changing laws, politics, socialites, and beliefs.

    An example would be: If a small group of individuals stalled traffic in 10 major city's for 45 minutes "randomly" at specific choke points as a rebellion against petroleum consumption and refusal to make significant laws and offer incentives to reduce consumption. Billions of dollars per hour of financial loss would take place simply by a few "individual" cars or vehicles in key locations slowing or blocking traffic into metropolitan areas. As the act is not criminal and a large group could continue this behavior without repeated acts by one individual while lobbying for alternate plate number fuel days....
    Actions like this would result in industry losing billions per hour in labor, sales, and from logistic issues. Repeated, random, and alternate behavior would alternately result in the issue being addressed, and the potential for change.

    Each person has the ability to change the world and make a difference simply by their actions, something some would rather you not be aware of.....and propagate the "wage slave" helpless futility of the generation.

    Our fathers and grandfathers were not given a 8 hour work day from compassion, they were not given medical, dental, and vision from kindness, they were not awarded weeks of paid vacations from realization of hardship. They obtained them by being "rebellious" and "resisting" the norms of "wage slavery". They "punched them in the "pocket book" not the armor of the day......and yes....it was hard to do!
    • Oct 16 2012: Well said sir! Love the examples.
    • Oct 16 2012: This is well said, and indeed the repercussions would be hard to ignore.

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