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Debate: The Millennial generation has no hope.

For: Stagnating economies, rising youth unemployment and an attitude of entitlement (vs. head down and get on with it) means twenty somethings' futures look bleak.

Against: The digital revolution means anyone with a good idea can make it happen. Financial success isn't everything and actually this audience can follow their interests instead of having to follow a corporate career ladder. Finally in emerging markets such as India, there is a lot more possibility.



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    Oct 13 2012: When we replace the corrupt and unsustainable economic model, hope will return. Until then, there seems to be only darkness Perhaps the Millennial Generation's job will be to install a better social unifier. Money is particularly badly suited for such a role when pursuit of it is the central theme around a culture's definition of success.
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      Oct 15 2012: Now now, it isn't that bleak. Although you have plenty of reasons to think so. While twiddling my thumbs waiting for Mom to give me the ranch she and Dad promised to me in exchange for me not joining the armed services, I created a product to sell on the internet. Eventually Mom totally renegged and gave the ranch to my sisters. They married up, racially speaking (in mom's eyes). I stuck to my own. 30 years of dedication and work down the tubes. But the strong compliments I got from my little product sustained me. I had to close down my shop due to a worn out body but I am not defined by money or possessions. I would like more money but thankfully I don't need it. Nobody does. All you need is integrity.
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        Oct 15 2012: For you, it's not that bleak. For me, it's npt that bleak, but we look to be about the same age - if you show your own picture. But for millennials, life will be different indeed. It will be different for us as well if we don't get our national economic act together.
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          Oct 15 2012: The economic model works. Its weakness is that it can also "be worked" There is much of that going around.

          Millennials need to know the truth about money. China will make that evident to everyone in about 3 to 7 yrs. The only way to get "our national economic act together" will require those holding all the cards (1%ers), to realize the need to help entrepreneurs that have merit. This probably wont happen. And the manipulative type who figured out how to "play" the elder with the purse strings, will take us all down before they do what's right. Which leaves personal integrity as the only possession worth pursuing.
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        Oct 15 2012: Integrity is key - you're absolutely right there. But we live in a culture where religions tell people what is "moral" and what is not, and too often, ethics and morality are in conflict. We need to get rid of that cruel Abrahamic God-myth so that people will again discover their own sense of ethics.

        Our culture is fear-based, so our economic and religious (and educational) systems are fundamentally flawed.
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          Oct 16 2012: With much due respect: I think the religious systems are fundamentally mis-understood. They all require discernment in all matters with a large bias towards justice. It is the WE/They interpretations that hysterical interpreters, of the religious writings, keep using to prevent reasonable interpretations "of integrity" to inure to the benefit of everyone and instead perpetuate divisiveness and misguided sense of superiority.
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        Oct 16 2012: No need to get into a religious discussion here. This isn't the place for it, but I think that the reason why Christianity is in such precipitous decline is because they are increasingly understood, rather than misunderstood. Christianity has changed dramatically in the last 25 years. What some call a bias towards justice, too many are seeing a trending bias towards injustice.

        Evangelical christian polls show that of those aged 18-24, less than one percent have a biblical worldview. Of those aged 25-30, less than 30%. Of those aged 18-35, 45%. Of those over 65, 91%.

        This all started when religions began inserting themselves in government in order to erode the civil liberties of non-christians, and force non-christians to bow to the will of the Christian "God". Rush Limbaugh, The Moral Majority, The Christian Coalition, and similar self-righteous groups have been destroying what was once something that I highly respected and was a part of.

        Christians, believing that god knows what is moral and what is not, want their definition of morality legislated as law. Those who are able to connect with their conscience and discern the difference between morality and ethics are those who are more willing to treat others as they would like to be treated. If we all did this, my inalienable rights would not have been taken away from me by Christians
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          Oct 16 2012: Neat Trick! : "no need to get into a religious discussion": Then you trail on for 4 paragraphs about Christians! You rascal.

          I believe we are in general agreement : the Rush out ona Limbaugh folk seem to have dropped a handful of screws somewhere but at my church I see people with many doubts about Religion. My religion is perfectly ok with those doubts and in fact requires sincere introspection. Those that call themselves Christians come in many varieties for sure; Some are fanatical others are not self limiting in any measure. The golden Rule you refer to is called "The greatest commandment" in my religion. But I would still try to persuade you from doing an immoral act; Assuming I knew it to be immoral; just as the Golden Rule requires.

          It sounds as though you have encountered "Christians" of the fanatical sort which Christ himself turned away. Don't write them all off for a bunch of bad apples. This has to be true for all religions is what I am trying to get across. ( hah!: a cross )

          Even the Inalienable Rights you refer to are expressly set out, otherwise you wouldn't have them and might not even know they exist.

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