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Debate: The Millennial generation has no hope.

For: Stagnating economies, rising youth unemployment and an attitude of entitlement (vs. head down and get on with it) means twenty somethings' futures look bleak.

Against: The digital revolution means anyone with a good idea can make it happen. Financial success isn't everything and actually this audience can follow their interests instead of having to follow a corporate career ladder. Finally in emerging markets such as India, there is a lot more possibility.



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    Oct 12 2012: What is the source of the apathy?
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      Oct 12 2012: The fact that the United States doesn't have a Constitution anymore, and no other country has written a better one to replace it. So there is not a single free state on the planet, and there is no empty land left.
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        Oct 12 2012: Don't bogart that joint. In other words before you look for reality relief, look at who causes the apathy.
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          Oct 13 2012: David did explain the apathy. Without a written constitution's protections, there can be no freedom. Without freedom, there is little hope.

          When our economic system makes money more valuable than people (as it does), and when our economic system (as it works in the USA) with its wealth disparity makes it nearly impossible to go from lower to middle class, where is hope?

          When the mainstream religion (in the USA) demotes women to that of something less than a man, and denies her the right to own her own body - thus forcing her to accept slavery in the name of God - and forcing her to accept responsibility for a child she cannot adequately provide for - where is hope?

          When our educational systems (that exist as a subsidy for mega corporations) do not educate, we become indoctrinated into the view that people are the servants (slaves) to money. where is hope?

          When people call their slavery "freedom", there can be no freedom, and without freedom, hope is cruel.
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        Oct 13 2012: Yes you are right apathy is better... but don't bogart that joint.

        Perception is reality. What they have you perceiving is there is no constitution. There is although the current POTUS is trying like hell to subjugate it to his executive orders. But he can only do it if we don't get up on our hind legs and fire his ass. Along with the rest who won't cut spending our money, our future remember they work for us not the other way around. Which means you have to get above the apathy.

        The disparity thing is mostly a little known fact that tax rates changed for the upper quintile which encouraged them to pay taxes as individuals instead of corporations. Also the other thing is the household income myth promoted by ignoring the fact that households are much smaller because of divorce in the last 30 years.

        Women make the same as men the reason that appear different is because women take time out of their career to have children and they have a natural disposition to work less. This is a statistical fact.

        Remember the standard of living that enjoy now is brought to you by Mr Mega. You wouldn't be complaining about Mr Mega if you lived in a hut and worried about getting enough to eat and the high mortality rate because of no Pharma or modern medicine that extends your life. But clearly they have penetrated the economy it couldn't possibly be the government and the union or the Federal department of education brought to us by Jimmy Carter which imo is a violation of the constitution.

        Yea take another hit off that joint my friend it will kill that nasty hope thing you talk about. OR you can smell the coffee quit blaming someone else and DO something about it I know it is not easy but it is a lot more fun.
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        Oct 15 2012: Empty land? What do you want with empty land. There's plenty of cheap land, some with houses and garages on it. Go visit the courthouse steps in your county and look for tax sales. The internet and a credit card and your in business. Sell something on eBay. It isn't that hard. Treat people right and you make money. As much as you want proportional to the effort you make. Then blow off eBay and get your own web page and you're off to the sky is the limit. Unless you're an alcoholic or a drug addict. In which case: get clean. You cannot buy a reputation you can only build one. Use the good stuff. Throw out the bad stuff like; invidious prejudice, self-pity, exaggerated pessimism.

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