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Debate: The Millennial generation has no hope.

For: Stagnating economies, rising youth unemployment and an attitude of entitlement (vs. head down and get on with it) means twenty somethings' futures look bleak.

Against: The digital revolution means anyone with a good idea can make it happen. Financial success isn't everything and actually this audience can follow their interests instead of having to follow a corporate career ladder. Finally in emerging markets such as India, there is a lot more possibility.



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    Oct 15 2012: TV can only show the amazing stuff within earshot of the producers. That limited world gets all the attention. This creates the illusion of a very limited world. Small successes cultivate greater ones. TV only shows the great ones that sell commercials.

    A very long time ago, way before TV, some very wise people wrote a book of wisdom and of life rules to live by called proverbs. They didn't get paid to do it. These books can be found in many bibles. After you read those including Sirac and Eccliasticus too (they may be spelled slightly differently). You will find what the most important thing to acquire in life is. I could tell you, but then you wouldn't take the necessary journey. Once you take that journey you will have wisdom, knowledge and __________ and hope.

    That _____________ is more valuable than diamonds or gold.

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