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Universal monthly allowance for all, financed by a 5% sales tax.

This Monthly Basic Income is also granted to every child that is registered in the region but will be given to their parents until it reaches the age of 18.

It may be granted to them directly, if they use this money to pay their school-fee.

The money to pay for the Monthly Basic Income will come from a purchasing tax of 5% which will be added to the price of all goods and services that are purchased and monthly collected from all business owners.

Due to the fact that richer people buy more goods and services, they will pay the 5% purchasing tax, as well as the 5% of high priced, high quality items more often, than people with less income. This money will support every registered citizen in the region and it will lead to a higher degree of financial equality.
The monthly collected amount from the 5% Purchasing Tax, shall only be used to be given to all citizens of the region as a Monthly Basic Income, that serves as a social and financial safety net for them.

The mathematics behind the Monthly Basic Income is as the following:

Total monthly collected Purchasing Tax :(divided by) The regions population

=(equals) The amount of money that will be granted to every registered citizen of the region as their Monthly Basic Income

I am a big supporter of the idea to implement this Monthly Basic Income, because it represents the principle, that one supports all (the customers that pay the 5% purchasing tax with their every purchase) and all ( the representing officials) are supporting every single citizen of the region.

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    Oct 12 2012: Wel, there's a whole host of activities we engage in (volunteering, caring for others, entertaining others) that have value but not a price, because they aren't commercialized. At the very least we would do good on recognizing that, on average, there's some intrinsic value on people's daily actions and providing a minimal "keep doing whatever you are doing" reward for them.
    • Oct 12 2012: "Wel, there's a whole host of activities we engage in (volunteering, caring for others, entertaining others) that have value but not a price"

      Yes, all these things are good, but people still need money in order to survive. People can't survive on gifts alone from their local communities. They need money to pay for food, pay their rent, public transportation, pay their bills and for nearly any social activity. People need money, not belly dances.
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        Oct 12 2012: No, that wasn't the point. The point is, currently nobody is being paid for lots of activities that actually have value. We could put an average price to them and use it to back the monthly allowance.
        • Oct 12 2012: Sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, this is an excellent idea! However, how would you put an average price on volunteering?

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