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What experiences have made you more comfortable with mental health disorders?

What things make you fearful of mental health disorders? And what experiences have made you more comfortable with it?

In the quest to dispell stigma, how can we help our society grow out of its fear?


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    Oct 21 2012: From the moment of conception, every cell of our being takes form out of the store of memories, imbedded on our being upon which our parental linage back to the dawn of time the our spirits began to fabricate the dream. . wonder, if that was the fitting word. the mind let dance on wings of wonder. singing itself in matter, igniting the galactic lights at the convergencess of consciousness. . oozing all from all and popping up in a 50 50 recombine. . diversifying with every generation. . youth, picking up on where we have evolved to. and with fresh minds, untrained eye, as so many have spoke of in the tedTalks . In all o nature, and even life, we clear way for the new growth. .
    Many hands make light work . . or is it work light. . which ever. . through advancess and automation, take the work out of living .most are keeping busy because they cannot stomach the thoughts they have. as life is a constant process of assimmilation, with the universe constanty feeding you the easy outs, sadly, they are all relegated to the fairy land department. .
    I had the following down when I started over. the whole of creation is a grow from within. Humanity so taxes its body mind and spirit, that each day, it needs take time out to . . defrag or defrazzle. . in a massive nightly blitch, without a beep out of you, thank you kindly. Catch your second wind and soar like a wondering albatross o'er all, that's left others stumped, for life. ALL humanity is about, are the thoughts which came to mind in the sweet by and bye . . giving way to the present, now concreted into matter, by those who enshine the laws and fence in all the years of our youth . .
    go take a walk and like on the forest floor for a spell. . . make music, and soothe the busyness of your mind. . . play shaman, break the spell with music. and what the cosmic B-Line we all have , like wise, change its tune
    • Nov 5 2012: Very well said! To quiet the busyness of the mind....I find that solitude within nature helps me amazingly. I am a Christian but not like most other Christians out there. My church is nature and God's creation surrounding me, where I become one with the Creation, where I come home to the reality of life. Not the realities imposed on us through societal pressures but the reality of being a singular, unique work of creation meant to be a BEING not a DOING. I AM what and who I am. My personality traits and oddities are my own and they make me ME. Am I insane. No, maybe. Do I battle severe depression? Yes but I ALWAYS win. never go into a fight allowing for the possibility of defeat, you will lose. Go into a fight KNOWING and SEEING yourself as the victor before the first blow is ever struck...you WILL WIN. EVERY TIME! Mental illness, maybe. mental strength and endurance, unquestionably. let me be me rather than NORMAL any day. I am a fringe rider. I ride the fringes of normality so the loonies that know me and like me can feel a little more normal about themselves and all the straight arrows like me because they feel like they are associated with a wild child. Yahoo, what a ride! Let's rock-n-roll in our peculiarities!

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