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Why must we pay to live on our own planet?

The question may seem childish to some, but I want you all to really think about this. Why must we pay to live on our own planet?

Why did we make an economic system that is completely decoupled from the laws of nature, when we know that we live on a finite planet?

Why do we work for money that we then have to use to get access to resources we need, when the resources is already here?

And why do some people inherit land and claim it their private property, making other people pay or wok for having access to their property, even when everybody is born on the same planet and there is more than enough room for everybody?

Again, why must we pay to live on our own planet?


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  • Oct 13 2012: To me the basic answer is because our social system or culture compared to the history of the planet, is still in the very early stages. Thru the scientific method huge advances are made in many, many fields that affect our daily lives. Yet our collective ideologies on economy and governance are quite old and some would say quite outdated. The power structure is maintained thru the monetary system, of that there shouldn't be much doubt. Search YouTube for "The Secret of Oz", winner of best documentary of 2010 for a powerful visual. To put it simply, we are born into a world culture of consumption and competition. Profit rules the day not community, and that profit over the years has been used to influence the entire system from direct political influence, to media, to education ... this dogma of profit & ownership permeates most if not all aspects of the global culture, to the point where many have been lead to believe it is "human nature". We have to pay to live on this planet we were born onto, because it benefits some of the population (which some in the past have called their 'divine right'), and using those benefits, they have established a system of indoctrination so powerful, even those who receive a sliver of the benefits are champions of the system.
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      Oct 13 2012: ha yes, i forgot that there are other economic illiterates making movies than the zeitgeist guys. the secret of oz is different, but equally bad.

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