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If god evolved much like it has through out history, how would it the evolution start? The idea that created thought of god or higher being

For interest of argument and context. I am asserting a generic god, no religion. Just the idea of a god.

It had to come from some where we have as a society have pretty much at one point in time or another worshiped everything. From the sun to the moon to animals.


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    Oct 11 2012: Yea i think spirit and concience are 2 in the same, its basically what makes you, "you". and i've always wondered about after you die, what happens to your concience or 'spirit'. Is there really a heaven or hell? Maybe we're reborn without being aware of a past life, maybe once we're dead we're gone and all is black. It's just one of those questions that theres simply no answer for.

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