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Before you die, what do you want to do?

I watched a very inspiring video at TED today, which I’d really like to share; ‘Before I die I want to…’ given by Candy Chang. She talks about her project; She had a wall of blackboard with words written on saying, “Before I die I want to…” and left it for people to fill it in. It was really heart-moving to know how many people out there living with tender hearts.

How great it is to know that there are people out there with love, dream and hope!

Let’s fill in the blanks together

Before I die I want to ‘learn how to live.’

Before you die what do you want to do?


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    Oct 11 2012: Before I die, i'd want to be around for when we find out we're not the only things in the universe :)
    • Oct 11 2012: Hi Daryan! I'm one who believes we are not the only intelligent-being in the universe.
      Suppose that we are the only one and think how awful will it be if we mass up with our earth! Then there won't be any intellects left in the whole universe.
      There must be someone or some-beings out their but probably too far away to reach. :)
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        Oct 11 2012: Yea it'd kinda suck to find out we're the only intelligence in the universe, but given that there's billions of galaxies each with billions of stars, the odds seem to make it impossible for other intellegent life to NOT exist. Just a matter of finding it.

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