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Do we become a person by imitating him / her?

It happened with me, not sure with how many others. I tend to get influenced by some people so much that I invariably end up imitating them...! Not sure what makes me think that I have become like him / her by mere imitation..! Well, it did not work with me... I just thought I am good by myself after the influence weakens on my mind. But your theory is rekindling the spirit in me to ask you this...


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  • Oct 12 2012: This is dangerous ground and a strategy that could backfire. We understand the posturing and the reactions of the onlookers to that posture. In imitation of itimidating postures one could possibly fool some but not all. However once you begin to pretend postures, you will fool your mind which will take a hold of that as a belief. Until someone calls your bluff.
    Ancient wisdom tells us that we become what we see in ourselves. Modern wisdom is telling us that we can pretend posture and feel likewise. Beware on both counts. The movie HAL illustrates this point well.

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