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my source of learning lesson in life.

Hazrat Muhamma(saw) is such great personality we haven't words to admire his greatness .he is like a star who always shines through His light many people get way in dark passages .he is such a flower who always spreads his fragrance of love affection,care,love generosity and kindness.his death makes him immortal as he lives in our heart.
we should always follow his golden acts of his life although his whole life was full of golden acts.unforgetable personality he was twinkling star of universe .

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    Oct 11 2012: Muhammad as in the religious one? Well, learning lessons in life means taking in different perspectives so sure if you want him to be one of your sources of life lessons go ahead, but i say you shouldn't let that one belief dictate everything you do.
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      Oct 11 2012: yes dayan MUHAMMAD(SAW) is religious ONE
    • Nov 5 2012: I would agree with you Daryan if that person was not Mohammad.. But when it comes to Mohammad everything changes.. I do not know if you have a good background about him or not.. we think that he is the best man (teacher) the world has ever known.. When you read about his morals and how he deals with other people.. you would encourage Hocane to follow every single word Mohammad has said..

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