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my source of learning lesson in life.

Hazrat Muhamma(saw) is such great personality we haven't words to admire his greatness .he is like a star who always shines through His light many people get way in dark passages .he is such a flower who always spreads his fragrance of love affection,care,love generosity and kindness.his death makes him immortal as he lives in our heart.
we should always follow his golden acts of his life although his whole life was full of golden acts.unforgetable personality he was twinkling star of universe .

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    Oct 17 2012: this Muhamma(saw) sounds like a great role model.I am concerned that you have not given an example of your own experiences in life between your friends and comrades,how you behaved in a enlightened manner. A book is historical,how do you behave is relevant to me to indicate that the book does in fact give you everday guidlines for right action. Second hand knowledge is only useful in how you apply it. Convince me from personal experience (not his) how you successfully have right action. please.
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    Oct 10 2012: i love the idea of reading about holy people,with great wisdom and insight. I am not convinced,however that reading a book is in fact a firsthand experience or qualifies you to say you know the author,or are now enlightened because of script. I have observed that to be honest,a person would refer to their personal moments of wisdom,clarity,and enlightenment. I have a not good feeling that reading a holy book allows for spiritual plageriism.,simply saying one is wise proves little. Tell me a storiy you experienced personally about your own evolution and clarity of understanding,i will listen. Tell me you read a book on holiness,and now your are wise without struggle or personal struggle...i am doubtful. I am open to being convinced.
  • Nov 5 2012: Hi Mrs Kellner,

    Unlike other people, Muhammad is different.. you just heard of one of his amazing stories.. he has thousands of such stories.. you can search about this legend in order to understand more and more about him, and to know about his value.. i'm gonna say this and i'm absolutely sure about it "if everyone follows his instructions, morals and lessons, our live will undoubtedly be justice without any kind of corruption..

    Thanks a lot Hocane,,
    appreciate you and your subject..
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    Oct 13 2012: This you say sounds as extreme idolatry which maybe support one's self esteem by identification with the imagined ideal but doesn't help to prepare to find real solutions in life.

    Please give me at least one example why what you say has any value?
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      Oct 14 2012: i have many examples and facts and figures as well .i give you one example of MUHAMMAD that one day he was passing through a street and a woman who was very naughty threw a bag of garbage on him but he silently passed from that place and did not say even on word to that woman .next day he again had to pass from that street that woman again threw a bag full of garbage on Muhammad he became ugly and untidy due to that garbage but he did not say any thing to that woman and silently passed away from that place .third day he again had to pass from that street woman did not threw the bag of garbage on him .he was curious that why she did not throw today Muhammad entered in his house he saw there that woman was on bed and she was ill Muhammad at once looked after her,provided her medicines and did her all home tasks in her home.woman became surprised to see all that she thought that she did bad with Muhammad and how much he was nice with her she felt very sorry for her sins and sudden accepted ISLAM after watching Muhammad's kindness and affections. i got lesson of tolerance.kindness affection from HIS life.
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        Oct 15 2012: This sure is a beautiful example of spiritual development but not exclusive for his person for many people in history and even today would have done the same thing.

        The lesson is to see the most high in every person and accordingly has to be treated with reverence.
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          Oct 15 2012: but you have not hear more examples from his life QURAN is opened for it, to read his examples so please if you have time you can read that and if you say me i can give you example at ail bases for your knowledge.
          and thanks alot foe reading this.
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    Oct 11 2012: Muhammad as in the religious one? Well, learning lessons in life means taking in different perspectives so sure if you want him to be one of your sources of life lessons go ahead, but i say you shouldn't let that one belief dictate everything you do.
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      Oct 11 2012: yes dayan MUHAMMAD(SAW) is religious ONE
    • Nov 5 2012: I would agree with you Daryan if that person was not Mohammad.. But when it comes to Mohammad everything changes.. I do not know if you have a good background about him or not.. we think that he is the best man (teacher) the world has ever known.. When you read about his morals and how he deals with other people.. you would encourage Hocane to follow every single word Mohammad has said..
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    Oct 10 2012: What is the point of debate here?
    It's one's own choice from where / whom one will learn.
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      Oct 10 2012: point here is to love with our great personality MUHAMMAD saw.
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        Oct 10 2012: actually i dont lean a lot about muhammad .i just know he a great leader of a religion. i hope lea more about him
        while i know Shakya Mani a lot i think he is also a great man in the buddhism