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What is your argument for or against "Voter Apathy"?

What is "voter apathy"?

People should always vote, right?

If you do vote, can you affect a system of government, or if you don't vote, can that have a greater impact on a system of government?

Ye or Ne?

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    Oct 16 2012: Voter apathy is scary because not voting allows people to make decisions for you that do vote and you may or may not agree with those.
    I think people should vote and vote often.
    Although I won't namecall anyone "apathetic" for not voting.
    That's your right too.
    I realize often it comes down to "which candidate has to potential to do less damage.." and the solution is that we need to be more vocal about what we expect and stop accepting these bottom of the barrel crooks we get gifted with especially at the state and local level.

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