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What is your argument for or against "Voter Apathy"?

What is "voter apathy"?

People should always vote, right?

If you do vote, can you affect a system of government, or if you don't vote, can that have a greater impact on a system of government?

Ye or Ne?

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    Oct 16 2012: Voter apathy is what it is. But, for folks to sit and judge those who don't vote as apathetic, without conversing with them to gain an understanding, well that's just ignorant and silly.

    No, people should not always vote. Why? Because they don't. There are no 'shoulds/coulds/etc.' If I sit here and think that people who don't vote are neglecting their 'duty' to society and/or forfeiting their rights to have a voice/opinion regarding the welfare of society, than I perpetuate my own insecurities.

    If I don't vote it may be because I am prepared to accept the outcome regardless of which candidate wins. It may mean that I accept reality in however it chooses to manifest. I may be busy working on my own personal development and the current political climate is not in line with my pursuits and fails to engage my interest.

    One could argue that if people are not well informed then they shouldn't vote. One could also make the case that science shows that most of us make decisions emotionally even though we think we are being 'rational'; so, we don't even know what we're doing.

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