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What is your argument for or against "Voter Apathy"?

What is "voter apathy"?

People should always vote, right?

If you do vote, can you affect a system of government, or if you don't vote, can that have a greater impact on a system of government?

Ye or Ne?

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  • Oct 13 2012: I'm sorry but this whole thing is a farce!!! we the people elect the officials to govern our land that are only provided to us from the only 2 party's and who they think are the right people for there agenda !! because as far as I'm concerned they are not the officials for the people because if they were when financial times get tight they would not cut the budget on schooling and homeless and the aid to we the people they would cut there own pay because they do there job because they want to make a difference for our country. if any laws should be changed it should banning lobbiest "legal bribers" .
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      Oct 13 2012: Hi Daniel, that's a great point! What are people doing about it? It seems as though many people are spontaneously consenting to a system of government they do not even like. I believe in civil disobedience for the dissenters of any nation, though that never makes it onto most news stations, I think.
    • Oct 14 2012: Daniel, Derek you ask what people are doing to change things? I ask you what are you doing.? Are you with Pastor Fred Phelps of "god hate4s fags fame". I doubt it, but by not voting you are telling our masters that you are satisfied.and they can keep up with business as usual. To quote a hero of mine:"If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem".

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