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What is your argument for or against "Voter Apathy"?

What is "voter apathy"?

People should always vote, right?

If you do vote, can you affect a system of government, or if you don't vote, can that have a greater impact on a system of government?

Ye or Ne?

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  • Oct 10 2012: Well the choice of candidates is usually depressing, especially here in America where the two-party system is maintained to shut out 3rd parties. I cannot believe that Mit Romney is the best candidate the Republican party can find, or if not talent even the most electable. The same goes for Obama.

    I propose we allow people to vote "none of the above" and if "none of the above" collects more votes than the above combined, we take the person with the most write-in votes. That would get people out to vote. Micky Mouse is generally the most written-in name, though I think Neil Degrass Tyson has a chance to beat it this year.

    Also, this whole electoral college thing keeps people apathetic. My state always votes democratic. I have no reason to vote for the presidency. However, mix that up with a popular count, and no one can rest easy that their state will go one way or the other.

    There are some efforts underway t get Instant Runoff Voting methods in my state, which should also make it more exciting as well.

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