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What is your argument for or against "Voter Apathy"?

What is "voter apathy"?

People should always vote, right?

If you do vote, can you affect a system of government, or if you don't vote, can that have a greater impact on a system of government?

Ye or Ne?

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    Oct 10 2012: When I vote there might be no change but when we vote then there must be huge change because nation is more important than an individual.

    Here in our country a lot of voter apathy exists. Voters in our country depends on the 'Choudhries, Waderras, Nawabs and Sardars' (All are landlords of their areas) you may be astonished to read that if any landlord costs his vote to his relative or someone else all the villagers do the same even in cities people costs their vote to the that person who have given employment or bailed them in a police case etc. They do not care how the corrupt and bad the person whom they are costing their precious vote the example of our president is before you.

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