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Egyptian encrypted storymath

Totally random thought here and I just feel like it would expand my imagination if I threw it out there =p.

Wouldn't it be wild if ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs were both a form of spoken math and a method of storytelling all in one, and all we're interpreting is the story...not the math.


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    Gail . 50+

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    Oct 10 2012: This is not such a weird idea.

    Some years ago, after studying Egyptian mythology and the Knights Templar (at the same time), out of the blue, I was STRUCK with a sudden realization. The first chapter of Genesis was written in the LANGUAGE of geometry. It was never intended to be understood verbally.

    Using a compass and a straight edge, I began drawing what the words told me to draw. I ended up learning abut the origins of creation, quantum mechanics as it relates to entanglement, the big bang, time and anti-time (matter, anti-matter), bosuns and fermions, relativity, the formation of earth, the role of humans in all of this, and much more.

    Furthermore, I also realized (when I got to the 6th day and was told to take dominion over my creation), I discovered that I had drawn the schematic for the Great Pyramid of Giza. All of the chambers, halls, and tunnels were perfectly placed within my rendering, and I understood that the stories I've heard surmising about the King's chamber and the Queen's chamber were clearly misunderstood.

    I concluded that no stone or iron age human could have created a rendering such as the 4th day, when the sun and moon surrounded a planet against a field of stars. And no such human could have understood that there was a concept such as anti-time.

    I recently read an article that talked about a computer program that was able to put biblical verses into the proper chapters of the bible, and determine whether they were written by a priestly class or not. The software was able to separate the verses into the appropriate chapters with 100% accuracy. The first chapter of genesis stood alone, and it was NOT written by a priest or any other author in the Bible.
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      Oct 10 2012: So where would be a good place to start learning what we do know about ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics? I also love how hieroglyphics sounds a lot like Holographics... just sayin. It would be amazing if we could plug these hieroglyphics into a computer and come out with a holographic rendering of their history and everything they knew about spirituality and mathematics in the form of a musical creation story. I would also love to see what you did with genesis. You should make a video. It sounds fascinating.
    • Oct 10 2012: Pics or shens?
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        Oct 10 2012: I'm sorry I am not sure what you are asking
        • Oct 10 2012: I was replying to Ted Lover to provide pics of his drawings.

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