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Egyptian encrypted storymath

Totally random thought here and I just feel like it would expand my imagination if I threw it out there =p.

Wouldn't it be wild if ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs were both a form of spoken math and a method of storytelling all in one, and all we're interpreting is the story...not the math.


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    Oct 10 2012: or maybe they are a song we don't know how to sing, that could be translated into mathematics. Would that be something. And no I am not high. These are actually the things I think about.
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      Gail . 50+

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      Oct 10 2012: Judaism, whose roots stretch into ancient Egypt do not speak the words of Torah. They are chanted. So there might be something to this as well. But I've never had any thoughts about the matter. I should though, because music is mathematical at its essence.

      Jeremy, you are awakening. There is nothing wrong with you. No need to keep apologizing for how you think. You are not alone. There are many of us. We don't all have the same interests, and we do not all use the same metaphors, but we are all on a path to self-awareness. When you allow yourself to be who you are, and stop apologizing for your uniqueness (thus embracing it), how exciting life will be. There is great joy in casting off your sheepledom. It's how you find freedom and how you reconnect with your power. (And you ARE a being of great power)

      Welcome to the new world.
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        Oct 10 2012: I am also used to presenting these thoughts on facebook and most times I get messages like "don't be silly" or "wow, you're crazy" lol. That's why I apologize in advance =p. What really set me off on this idea was the "Symphony of Science" and how it seems easier to retain information when in the form of music. The words of a song don't always seem the same when spoken directly as oppose to sung. Since music is also a form of math it just seems like these stories could also be a mathematical equation.
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        Oct 11 2012: Hi TL

        Chanting is a form of oral history. If you look at most native peoples that don't use written communication you will find they chant to each other, it also helps to take you into another place, a sort of centering though i don't know why the old hebrews chanted, one can only guess unless it was to setup the mind for possible interaction with Yahweh.

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